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Let your Project management talk freely 

It is an important and popular fact that while talk is good, it’s not easy.
For instance, take your Project management. It’s been crafted to create business value for your customers independent of their other systems.

And yet, it doesn’t.

Less-than-optimal data, makes it impossible  to deliver the business value you promised

The value of your Project management is reliant on synchronising human- and task-data with other systems.


And those systems just don't talk​ the same language as your Project management.

Don't panic

Now you can make their systems talk – without any integration or installation.
You see, by embedding the Sesam component in your Project management offering, you can sync the data from the customer’s systems and let them flow freely – no matter the system, no matter age nor language.
This will put you in control and provide your Project management with the updated quality data it needs to deliver the business value promised – and even give you the flexibility to develop the Project management and its value to customers further.
So, while talk admittedly can be difficult, system talk is quite easy.

All you need is Sesam

Here are some of the Project management vendors that Sesam already connects to:


Making those systems talk

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