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Sesam Talk - Simplifying Data Integration for All

Sesam Talk is a game-changing synchronisation-as-a-service solution designed specifically with SaaS-providers and users in mind. Eliminate the need for complex and tedious integration processes without having to integrate or install, no matter the system, no matter its age or language. We offer a complete managed service where everything is included from A to Z. Migration, set up, user interface, operation and support. Sounds too good to be true? We get it. But it’s not. Really. With Sesam Talk you get happy customers with no risk and no work. Just enjoy the ride! 
As a SaaS company, you know the importance of having access to good data. However, the process of integrating systems to achieve this can be time-consuming and resource intensive. But with Sesam Talk, sharing data between different systems has never been easier! With Sesam Talk, a fully automated synchronisation service, we provide a simple and risk-free solution that everyone in a company can use without the need for IT involvement or technical expertise. The only thing our partners need to do is to point their customers in the right direction. And the only thing the customers need to do is to select which systems they want to synchronise. All done - in a few clicks. The rest is taken care of by Sesam Talk.  
Data is the backbone of any business, and we make sure that companies of all sizes can benefit from their full potential. At Sesam Talk, we believe in data democratisation, and that integration should not be a hindrance to businesses. With our service, your customers can use your platform without friction or frustration, increasing adoption rates and improving user experiences. Sesam Talk makes all relevant data available when and where it is needed, creating security for both the SaaS-provider and the customer by improving the quality of service. 
Sesam Talk is built on the Sesam engine – the leading semantic data synchronisation engine in the world. With our technology and years of experience with data synchronisation and data modeling, we can handle the most valuable data from the most valuable systems a company has without the need for system integration. Each system can live on its own and speak its own language while still having all basic data automatically synchronized across the systems. Any changes to the data in one of the systems will automatically be reflected in all connected systems who are affected by the change. That’s what we call automagical! 
Our solution is designed to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. By letting your customers combine the best tools with good data, you can gain a significant competitive advantage, accelerating your business development and growth. Sesam Talk is the perfect solution for SaaS companies looking for a simple, user-friendly and risk-free way to handle data synchronisation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you to provide the best service to your customers.
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