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Full freedom, or
no worries?

Sesam comes in two flavours, as a tool or as a managed service.

With Sesam you eliminate the need for complex integration processes, regardless of flavour.

The choice is simply whether you want zero effort or full control. Sesam Talk automates everything, while Sesam Hub brings full flexibility.

Pick your preference!

Sesam Talk =
No hands!

Let us fix everything.

We connect your good looks with our great tool, and provide a data synchronisation offering to all your customers.

No development, no setup, no maintenance, no risk, no support - it's all included in our service.



Simply no worries! 

Sesam Talk

Sesam Hub =

Use your domain knowledge to configure the perfect offering for your customers. Any data, any systems, any user interface.

Our engine, your offering.

Sesam Hub

Making those systems talk

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