Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Access and Use of SESAM Software as a Service (SaaS)

1.1 Purpose

This documents contains terms of service for Customers’ access to and use of SESAM Software as a Service (“Services”) provided by Sesam.io AS, 922 409 676 (“SESAM”). The services consist of both free- and paid subscriptions and the term “Customer” is used regardless of whether a Subscription Fee applies to a particular Customer’s account. Some sections of this document will only apply to Customers with an account with a defined Subscription Fee. Upon ordering access to the Services, and confirming acceptance of the terms of service in this document, a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between SESAM and the Customer. All Services, as they are available at any time, through the portal https://portal.sesam.io, are subject to the terms of this Agreement.

Upon entering into this Agreement and the registration of the Customer in SESAM’s systems, the Customer is given a right to use the Services on the terms in this Agreement. Once access to the Services has been granted, the Customer will receive an e-mail to its registered e-mail address with the necessary access and login details.

The Services consist of various sub-services, and the right to use the Services only comprise the individual sub-services which the Customer has ordered and received access to. Some of the Services are payable. The Customer’s account overview sets out active sub-services which the Customer has ordered, including which Services are payable.

Some sub-services may be subject to additional terms and/or restrictions. Such additional terms and/or restrictions are set out in the terms of use for the sub-service together with the description of the sub-service in question.

1.2. Description of the Services

The Services are standardized services, and the Customer acknowledges that the functionality in the Services will change. The Customer is given the right to use the Services, with the functionality as provided from time to time. The right to use the Services is not connected to any specific version of the underlying software or any set functionality as provided at any time, but is rather connected to access to and use of the Services as they are at any given time. Details of the functionality of each of the Services can be found at https://docs.sesam.io.


2.1. General

If the Customer is a legal person, the Customer may set up users and give these users access to the Services with different roles. Users consist of physical persons in the employment or service of the Customer.

If the Customer is a physical person, the Customer will be assigned a single user.

The Customer and the Customer’s users receive a limited, terminable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, exclusively for the Customer’s internal business purposes. This right may be conditional on the payment of the applicable subscription fee and other fees (“Subscription Fee”). Any applicable Subscription Fee is provided on the Customer’s account overview.

The Payment of the Subscription Fee and the compliance with the terms of this Agreement is a precondition for the right to use the Services. SESAM may adjust the agreed Subscription Fee yearly, upon 3 months’ written notice. In case of changes in public taxes, charges or other duties or other changes in public administrative practice affects the vendor’s costs connected to the Service, the Subscription Fee may be adjusted correspondingly without prior notice.

The Customer may not allow a third party to use the Services in a service bureau or similar, or offer services dependent on the Services to a third party. However, the Customer may allow in-hire consultants or temporary employees to use the Services for Customers internal business purposes. The Customer may also use the Services to collect/deliver data from the applications and databases of the Customer’s suppliers and/or customers.

The Services depend on standard software. When purchasing access to the Services, the Customer does not purchase a copy of, or license to, the software used to deliver the Services, but consecutively pay for a subscription to access the Services. To the extent that separate license- or other terms apply for use of third party software and/ or services included in the Services, these are set out together with the description of the Services in question. Any terms for third party software and/or services take precedence over the terms of this Agreement.


2.2. The relationship between the Customer’s users and SESAM

The Customer commits to adhere to the terms of this Agreement, and to ensure that any of its users do the same. The Customer accepts the full responsibility for all activities connected to its users, and its user’s compliance with the terms of the Agreement. When the individual user accepts any terms upon logging into a Service, or on a later change of such terms, no Agreement is made between such individual user and SESAM. It is at all times the Customer who is party to any agreement with SESAM, and who has all rights and obligations set out in such agreement.

The Customer accepts that SESAM may contact the Customer, and any Customer administrators, through registered e-mail addresses and through telephone, and provide general marketing information or other information about the Services. Such information will not be sent to the Customer’s other users.


2.3. User administration

If the Customer is a physical person, the Customer will be assigned a single user.

If the Customer is a legal person, users are created and administrated by the Customer. Customer's administrators for this Agreement should be communicated to SESAM.

The log-on information of an individual user shall not be shared or used by more than one physical person, but may freely be re-assigned by the Customer’s administrator. The Customer’s administrator may also name further administrators and delete users. The Customer shall ensure that all information about users and administrators are up to date at all times.

Each user is responsible for keeping his/her username and password confidential. The Customer shall inform SESAM immediately in case of unauthorized use of a user’s log-on information. Users are authorized to provide SESAM’s support personnel with access to their accounts where such access is necessary to provide support or else performed tasks asked for by the user.


2.4. Requirements for use of the Services

The Customer and any of its users shall not transfer viruses, malware or any other harmful code to the Services or use the Services in a manner which gives a risk for such transfer. The Services shall not be used for any illegal or otherwise unauthorized purpose. The Customer is responsible for complying with the Norwegian, EU and United States of America export restrictions and -regulations when the Services are used outside of Norway, including assuring that the Services are not used in jurisdictions where such use would be contrary to such export restrictions and -regulations.

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