Adding Master Data quality to Data Platform solutions

Next generation Master Data Management capabilities, rapidly integrated into your data platform solution. Continuously updated and thoroughly agile, the Sesam Master Data Hub iPaaS delivers context and quality to your data, without latency and the burden of enforcing common data models.




The value of a data plattform solution is completely dependant on its data quality. The master data is the data providing all other data its context. This is why Master Data quality is essential. 

The Sesam service is a highly effective and specialised tool to manage Master Data in data platforms, and provide your data the context they need to become valuable.



The need for continuous change is central to every data platform solution. Changing data, changing models, changing sources and changing target systems. 


The Sesam service is built completely dynamic for handling continuous change to every part of any data flow. Sesam lets you harvest the power of the data driven approach, rather than suffer its pain.



Building data plattform solutions is time consuming. You need  to focus on business value, rather than data infrastructure, if time to market is a priority.

The team behind the Sesam service has been building real life data platforms the last 15 years. You can reap the benefit of that knowledge, and accelerate your platform, by bringing the service as a component into your solution today.



Building data platform solution may be a chaotic affair. Data from a variety of continually changing sources must be connected and reusable for many different purposes. Delivering valuable services based on the data harvested into your platform completely depends on the data quality. Master Data management is essential for your plattform to succeed. The Master Data connect all data together and make the development of unified services possible.


Sesam delivers a highly specialised Master Data hub as a Service, perfectly aligned to the challenges you face building data plattform solutions. 

Completely dynamic and continuously updated.



Year Established




Billion Master Data Entities








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