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Making those systems talk

Sesam explained

Talk brings data quality to your software offering

Sesam increase your solution's business value by enhancing its data. Period. 

  • Without any integration effort from your customers

  • Without any development time from you

  • Without any risk for you, or your customers

Sesam Talk even offers a completely automated service. No work for you or your customers! 

Making your customers' systems talk to your solution – thus providing the solution with the quality master data it needs to deliver optimal business value for your customers. 


No matter the systems, no matter what kind of software offering.

Talk is good for your business

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Better cash flow

by providing rapid rollout

as the customers don’t need to do integrations themselves

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Less churn


by maximising business value as we provide the data quality your customers need by continuously synchronising data with any system

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Increased ARR

by accelerating product development since being in control of the data flow, enables fast access to additional data needed for your innovations

In other words, this is the kind of talk that will bring you upwards and forward.


Talk helps your customers

This “system talk” puts your service in control of the data flow. This removes the burden from your customers to provide the data quality needed to get the very best out of your solution.


That is what brings customers to your fold – and keeps them there. 

95% reduction

of integration setup

95% reduction

of integration management

100% reduction

of data conflicts

100% reduction

of data consistency corruption

100% reduction

of data loss

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Talk saves you time

If you don't want to just expose an API and blame your customers for lacking integration and bad data quality, the alternative is to build it yourself or get a partner.

This is the time our partners saves with Sesam



reduction in rollout time to acquire data



reduction in custom integrations



reduction in data management time



reduction in development time


How has it worked for others?

Like a charm, really. And that's no joke.

Click the system type you are interested in

How is it possible ?
- It's best that you don't know

Nah, only kidding.

Remember, systems aren’t natural talkers. They’re new, they’re old, they’re custom made or plucked out of the shelf, not compatible, they need an interpreter, a translator, an icebreaker.


Sesam synchronizes 2-way and manages data between systems at a semantic level. This eliminates the need for system integration and modifications to any system and allows each system to work autonomously while still providing continuous data interoperability.

Go get your developers and architects and let's go through every nerdy detail. 

By the way, this talk is actually quite cheap

Because it is billed as a service – with no strings attached – and with no modifications to the involved systems, nor any development needed, there are no risks to take. 

In summary, Sesam is immediately effective and gradually expandable. It immediately improves the business value you offer your customers, and it paves way for further development and business opportunities. 

How can it work for you and your unique challenges? 

Very, very well, probably.

Let’s talk face-to-face and have a look at it. ​


Making those systems talk

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